Q: What is the Digital Marketers Australia Conference?

Happening annually in Melbourne, Australia, the Digital Marketers Australia Conference is the country’s largest digital marketing and business growth conference. More than 1,000 of the top marketing professionals and business owners from around the country (and globe) attend for enhanced networking opportunities and above all, key takeaways to increase company profits. In just 1 year, it has grown to become the leading digital marketing event in the country.

Q: When is the Digital Marketers Australia Conference 2020 taking place?

The DMA Conference 2020 is taking place on February 12-14, with registration starting on the morning of February 12th at the Pullman Hotel lobby.

Q: Who attends the Digital Marketers Australia Conference?

The DMA Conference connects marketers from around the country (and globe). It is a meeting place where business owners and experts come together to network, learn, and move the industry forward. Popular attendee backgrounds include CMOs, small business owners, medium and large digital marketing teams, agencies and more.

Q: How can I get in touch with attendees of the conference?

You will have access to the official DMA networking app which allows you to connect and chat with over 1,000 attendees before, during, and after the conference. Aside from having the list of speakers, exhibitors, venue maps right in your pocket, you’ll also be getting better, more personalised recommendations to elevate your overall DMA experience. You can also join the official DMA Facebook Group to keep in touch with the community in the lead up to the conference!

Q: How can I get updates about the conference?

Get in touch with us on social media via FacebookTwitterInstagram. We’re always available. For exclusive videos and interviews, join our Official Facebook Group.

Q: Do you have an event schedule available?

Please keep an eye on the agenda which is on our website’s homepage for start and end times for the conference. This will have the up to date start and end times for each day. However as a rough guide, we’ll be starting around 9:00am and finishing around 5:00pm daily. Registration will take place on Wednesday morning, Day 1 of the conference. Keep in mind there will be networking social nights on Wednesday & Thursday evening. The agenda will also be updated on the official app once it is available.

Attending The Conference

Q: How do I register for the event?

You will need to collect your badge to be admitted to the Digital Marketers Australia Conference. The registration desk will be open from 12th of February at the conference venue. The location will be clearly marked, just follow the signs. Timings will be announced in the schedule on our website and on the official app closer to the conference date. You do not need to bring any physical copy of your ticket, we will have your ticket purchase on file. If you want to confirm this or check with us – simply email us at support@digitalmarketersaustralia.com

Q: Do I have to arrive the day before the conference?

You don’t have to but we recommend it. If you have a booth, setup will take place the morning of day 1, but your booth setup will be taken care of by our team.

Q: What other networking sessions do you have?

There will be two official networking nights as part of the DMA Conference. One will take place the evening of Day 1 at a bar, the second will be more of a “party” in a nightclub environment on the evening of Day 2 (details TBC). There will be other opportunities to network during the day at the event too, details on these will be released closer to the event. Refer to the schedule or app for the latest updates. Networking sessions and parties are included as part of your ticket – no additional cost is required!

Q: Who will be exhibiting and sponsoring at DMA Conference 2020?

There will be many companies sponsoring and exhibiting at the conference over the three action packed days for you to check out and network with. Refer to the Exhibitors/Sponsors section of the homepage or app for the complete list.


Q: How can I purchase a ticket to the DMA Conference 2020?

You can purchase a ticket through our website. This is the ONLY way to purchase a ticket to the conference.

Q: Are tickets refundable?

No, unfortunately as laid out in our terms and conditions there will be no refunds on tickets and all sales are final.

Q: I need a visa to attend, can you send me an invitation letter?

For an invitation letter to confirm your attendance to AWA, please email us at support@digitalmarketersaustralia.com. We require you to have paid for your ticket(s) to generate an invitation letter. We recommend that you check with your local government for information on required documents and arrangements you’ll need for travel to Melbourne, Australia. We are unable to provide advice on your personal requirements.

Q: Who can attend the Digital Marketers Australia Conference?

All attendees must be over the age of 18 at the time of the event, otherwise the attendee must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Such parent or guardian must also have a ticket to attend, and shall be fully responsible for that attendee.

Q: Can I share my ticket with someone else in between days?

No, you will need to show a valid ID upon picking up your badge. Badges can’t be shared in between or during the days of the conference. You may be asked to show your ID to match your badge during the course of the conference by a staff member.

Q: Can I buy a ticket now and change the name of the ticket later?

Yes, you can do this by putting your name on the ticket for now and email us at support@digitalmarketersaustralia.com to update the details of the ticket. Please note, this can only be done ONCE and the cut off to do this is February 1st 2020.

Q: Are tickets transferable?

Yes, you can transfer a ticket once. If you decide you can’t make it or need to change the name on your ticket for any reason, reach out via email to support@digitalmarketersaustralia.com – the last time you’ll be able to do this is February 1st.

Q: I need an invoice of my ticket(s) purchase, how can I request one?

No problem, if you need an invoice of your purchase to give to your company or for your own records, simply email us at support@digitalmarketersaustralia.com and we’ll send you your invoice in a PDF via email. Let us know if you need your company name you included as the “Buyer” otherwise we’ll list your name as the buyer on the invoice.

Q: Do you sell 1 or 2 day tickets?

No, all tickets are for the entire conference. We don’t sell individual one or two day tickets to the DMA Conference.

Q: Do you have to pay extra for certain sessions or rooms after you buy your ticket?

Absolutely not! Every session and access into the networking nights and parties is included in your ticket (however you may purchase beverages at your own discretion). All the sessions are included during the conference itself. The only additional extra you can purchase is upgrading your ticket from regular to VIP which has some special perks! (you’ll be able to see a full list of what’s included for VIPs after you’ve purchased your regular ticket to see if you’d like to upgrade – there’s only a very limited amount of VIP tickets).

Q: Will ticket prices always remain at this rate?

No, as the event nears the ticket prices will increase more and more, so be sure to lock in your tickets as early as possible.

Q: Can tickets be used as gifts?

Yes! You can buy tickets on behalf of someone else or give them to someone as a gift! By February 1st you’ll need to make sure you’ve let us know which name you want on the ticket (if you’ve bought multiple). Otherwise you can purchase the ticket under your own name and then have the name transferred before Feb 1.

Venue & Hotel

Q: Where is the conference venue?

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park, 65 Queens Rd, Albert Park VIC 3004.

Q: How do I get to the conference venue?

There will be signage as soon as you enter the hotel’s main Queens Road entrance on how to get to the main ballroom. Simply follow the signage and you’ll be directed to the main ballroom. If you get stuck, simply ask a DMA staff member or hotel staff member for directions and they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Q: What’s the best accomodation to book for the DMA Conference 2020?

We have worked directly with the Pullman Hotel Albert Park to get the best deal possible for accommodation during the conference. To book your accommodation go through this link to get the best possible deal for the DMA Conference!

Q: Will there be food & drinks provided?

Water will always be available for free. For additional options, there will be cafés within the conference venue which accept both cash and credit card payments. The Pullman Albert Park will be providing lunch and snack options within the hotel at an affordable cost. There is also a restaurant inside the hotel and nearby dining options should you want to check them out. If you’ve upgraded your ticket to VIP, you will receive a catered lunch for all three days in the VIP lounge along with snacks throughout the day.

Q: Is there parking available on site?

Yes, there are multiple parking options available at the Pullman Albert Park, please visit the Pullman Website to learn more.


Q: Can I speak or propose a speaker for Digital Marketers Australia?

We are always looking for interesting speakers and talks for our line-up. If you have someone in mind or would like to nominate a suggestion, please fill out our application form.

Q: Can I attend as press?

To apply for a press pass, fill out our accreditation form.

Q: Can I sponsor or exhibit at Digital Marketers Australia 2020?

Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities come at a first come first serve basis. Please learn more about sponsoring here.

Q: Can I apply to be a media partner?

To cover the conference in a media capacity, email us with your proposal.

Q: Are you currently hiring helpers or taking on volunteers for the conference?

Unfortunately we are not taking on any volunteers or hiring helpers for this conference. The only way to attend is purchasing a ticket.

Q: Anything else?

If you have any questions about DMA which are not answered here, please contact us.